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How To Design And Install IKEA SEKTION Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking for the installation of Ikea kitchen cabinets from top IKEA store?

Ikea kitchen catalog is way too impressive. You will spend hours and a lot of time in swapping Pinterest images. You need to keep in mind the size of your kitchen.

Ikea kitchen will offer you several kitchen models. What else? You can walk through Ikea NZ and you will be able to play with drawers, sinks, and countertops. After deciding that what exactly you want. You have to dig in the whole process and schedule a service for a measure. It will cost around $100 if someone will come to your house and measure the details. This cost may sound a lot but it will be related after your purchasing process.

Preparation Before Furniture Nz From Ikea Online

You have to get rid of old cabinets along with several sinks and countertop. What more? You can change electrical outlets which will help you in lining up.

There is a special IKEA sekton software for kitchen planning. After getting the measuring done you will be provided with email and unique login id. Once logged in you will see the entire kitchen in a 3d shape. You can start with any location which suits you. Either it can be a sink, fridge or corner cabinets. Decide form where to fill it. You have to select the appropriate size of cabinet widths. The planning program can take up to an hour. What else? You may experience frustrating moments but keep pushing. Make sure everything fits.

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Delivery From Ikea NZ

Delivery will be quick. The ikea sekton cabinets will be packed and unassembled. You need to gaze through about million cardboard boxes. What else? 96 pieces will be separately packed.

If you ever run into missing pieces then you can always turn towards the customer service. They will without answering your question deliver you the parts.

Assembly Of New Zealand Ikea Furniture

You will first be overwhelmed by seeing all those large boxes staring at you. But give it just a few minutes as things will get better with time. The assembling of a cabinet can be a really challenging task. You will be just putting together the frames and you will not have to worry about cabinet doors or hinges.

You will get several cabinet doors but white and brown ones streamline the process.

Remember that these cabinet doors won’t be of solid wood.

Over to the cutting of new Zealand Ikea furniture

Well, you can hang the correct length with time. You must know that galvanized rail comes with a proper measuring guide. Upper kitchen cabinet is hung at a different height and there is no perfect measurement for that. Before actually hanging the rails get the stud locations marked. It is really vital to get a perfect level of rail. You can get the rail installed with the help of more than two people if you doubt. Suspension rail can also be used for lower cabinets.